Why PowerPoint?

I am quite often asked why I still use PowerPoint for designing training and lessons.  In this world of apps, CBT and web-based alternatives why bother with PowerPoint? That’s a very good question….

For me PowerPoint is an incredibly powerful tool for easily and quickly developing engaging training.  We have all heard the saying ‘Death by PowerPoint’. But to be honest that’s a little unfair.  PowerPoint is only a tool for creating your lessons or training, and as the old saying goes ‘Content is King’. If you fill your slides with hundreds of bullet points with badly cropped blurry images its not going to great no matter what tool you use.

The latest versions of PowerPoint are very capable of creating stunning animated presentations for a huge number of uses.  It can be not only used for presentations, it can be used for a myriad of other things, including creating video’s, print quality posters,handouts and quizzes just to name a few.  It has now even the capability to use 3D models, which is very cool….

So, think PowerPoint has had its day? ….. Not by a long shot.


Low Cost

Build your training without expensive software applications. Office 365 subscriptions are a fantastic low cost option.

Well Supported

It is constantly being updated by Microsoft with new features and has a huge user base worldwide for help and tutorials.

Easy To Learn

Everyone knows how to use PowerPoint right?  Its the industry standard for presentations and has a very easy learning curve.

Easy Animation

Unlike a lot of animation tools It’s easy to create professional looking animations quickly and easily.

Device Compatability

It runs on most devices including mobile and tablets.  Teach in the cockpit with a tablet or in a classroom with a PC…. Groovy.

Apps Are A Pain..

Difficult and expensive to develop and they fall over every time Apple updates the IOS….. Trust me, been there done that….