Web Design

I build bespoke websites which are fully functional and look good no-matter which type of device your viewer is using.  So whether you need a fully featured Wordpress site or a simple HTML landing page I’ll create a custom affordable website that builds trust and credibility with potential customers, attracting people who want to do business with you.

Already have a website? I also offer competitively priced website maintenance services including content updates and theme changes for Wordpress sites.


Latest Wesites

Graphic Design

Whether you need a poster, safety card, advertising media or any other type of aircraft related graphics, I can produce a large range of bespoke digital and printed materials for many uses.  My extensive experience in the aviation industry allows me to produce visually engaging, technically correct  materials for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft types.


3D Design & Visuals

Nothing puts the wow factor into a training lesson, presentation or advertising campaign like a 3d model in your companies paint scheme.  Not only that, they can be incredibly useful for large projects as the same model can be used to produce multiple images and animations with a make once use many times philosophy.   I have a large stock of 3D helicopter models pre built which can be used to create many different types of products.



Powerpoint Presentations

Poor Powerpoint has earned itself a bit of a bad reputation over the years. We have all heard the phrase ‘Death by Powerpoint’ … but It doesn’t have to be that way.  With a bit of good design and well made content Powerpoint has the ability to be an excellent cost effective teaching and presentation tool